Yoga Classes with Cindy Brown                    

Cindy’s yoga classes are slow, deep and meditative with the goal of increased awareness and peace. She accommodates all levels in her classes and encourages her students to honor themselves in their individual process.

Prospective yoga students often worry that they are not strong enough or flexible enough for yoga. They are concerned that they will fail or look bad. That is not the true nature of yoga! Cindy welcomes all levels in her classes and works with each individual student to experience their yoga. Yoga is about opening, relaxing and calming the body so that you can do the same with the mind. Come try it out! First class is free!

Present class schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 8-9:15 am

Wednesday 8:00-9:15am  55 and Yoga

Thursday 7:00-8:15pm

A monthly Saturday class for two hours! Next class will be 0n a Sunday. Dec 3 from 10-12.  Email Cindy for further details.

55 and Yoga– Yoga for men and women 55 and over who are new to yoga. The class is held on Wednesday mornings at 8:00am.  Email me!

Yoga for Osteoporosis classes will be starting in late January. Classes are geared toward safety and bone growth. Yoga, education, relaxation, meditation.  Cindy completed her Yoga for Osteoporosis teacher training in 2013.  She too has Osteoporosis and has had success using alternative approaches such as yoga, diet, and supplementation. Classes will be held on Monday evenings. Email if interested.  Good article about yoga and Osteoporosis: See below

Osteoporosis workshops will begin on January 20, 2018. 4 hour workshop-Education, support, yoga and relaxation. Stay tuned and email for further information.

Osteoporosis Retreats: Exciting News!!  Cindy will be leading a retreat for men and women with Osteoporosis. The retreat will be held at the Angels’ Rest Retreat Center in Leyden, MA the weekend of April 6-8, 2018.

The website for all things Osteoporosis is

Retreat: Cindy Brown and Richard Davis are hosting our third annual Restorative Retreat Oct 12-14, 2018 at Angel’s Rest Retreat Center in Leyden, MA.  Follow the link for more information

Fees and Location:

The barn is located at the corner of Graniteville Rd and Blanchard Road. It is the clubhouse for the Blanchard Farms community. The GPS address is: 37 Graniteville Rd in Westford, MA. It is actually behind the Graniteville Rd address. Turn onto Blanchard Road and you will see the clubhouse on your right next to the tennis courts.

First class is free.

If you sign up for a series of 10 classes the fee is 140.

Drop in rate is 16/class.  Saturday 2 hour classes are 20.

Blanchard Farms Residents receive $5 off each class or $50 off a series.

Email Cindy at for further details.